"From Our Heart Into Your Arms"

"From Our Heart Into Your Arms"

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how we came to choose our company name and our company motto. 

Of course, you know our company has in part the name "Heartfelt."  We chose this name because we use so much felt fabric on our dolls. Felt is an amazing fabric to work with and comes in a ton of colors if you are using 100% wool felt. We love making dolls, we love children, we love making patterns and we hope that YOU will also love making our patterns. We wanted a word that felt like "Love" in our title. We played around with it and then the idea of HEARTS came to us! I have used a ton of heart shapes in my doll patterns, so the word "heart" in our company name just made sense thus was born "Heartfelt" it is so perfect!!!

Hearfelt Doll Patterns 

Our motto is also born out of love. We love our dolls, we love our doll patterns and we design them from our hearts. We are always thinking about our customers, and the lucky recipients of our customer's hard work! We try to make every item with safety in mind, and we love using bright colors to attract children's interest, we design items so they are easy to take off and on by cute little hands, and we suggest durable fabrics for our dolls.  We hope that the child in your life will take the beautiful dolls that you make from our patterns and hold them in their arms for many a year and enjoy them! 

From Our Heart into Your Arms! 


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