What form of currency do you use?

We use the United States dollar (USD).

How much do your patterns cost?

Prices vary depending on what you are purchasing. Prices range from $3 - $12.

Do you need a sewing machine to make my dolls?

It is ideal if you do happen to have a sewing machine for sure, but if you don’t happen to have one you may create one of our beautiful dolls just fine with hand sewing! 

Is this really a beginner pattern?

Yes, yes and YES! It has been my pleasure to create these patterns with the beginner in mind. I have designed a doll that is made differently than most doll makers. Some examples of these things are: 

The faces of my dolls are easy to make and the most fun part of the doll making process! (many doll makers complain that they sew a doll and then they are afraid to make the face because they don’t want to “mess it up.”)

My doll faces are one piece and they are flat. 

My doll faces are done in an embroidery hoop prior to the doll being stuffed. 

The limbs of my dolls are triple sewn for durability for children playing with them.

Limbs are sewn into the body of the doll, not sewn on the outside of the doll.

Limbs are stuffed after the entire doll is completed. 

My clothes are adorable and extremely easy to sew! 

I have a background as a teacher and breaking down concepts is part of what teachers do so that their students can understand what they need to do. I have thought about you as the seamstress all along my design journey. As I have taken each step in creating these doll patterns, I have taken many photos and explained over and over how to do each step. If anything I have over taught. You will easily be able to follow my directions and create a beautiful doll even if this is your first attempt. 

It brings me great joy to think about the children who will play with my doll creations one day, but before that can happen, there needs to be someone who makes that doll for the child. The joy that comes to me from thinking of you being able to do that is why I created this business in the first place. SO yes, these patterns really are for beginners. Seasoned seamstresses will also enjoy my patterns. 

What type of fabrics do you recommend for making these dolls? 

We love to work with 100% wool felt, Acrylic Felt and Cotton fabrics. 100% cotton fabrics or cotton blends both work really well. We also use some netting for neck ruffles and occasionally we use some lace that is cotton based. You may of course choose any types of fabric you wish to work with. These choices are just what we have found works best especially for beginner seamstresses but also for the fabric’s durability. 

What if I can’t get my pattern to print?

Please see this information is listed in our Refund Policy

May I sell the dolls I make using your patterns?

Yes, but not until after we have released all of our doll patterns, we will release our contracts that will allow you to sell dolls you create using our patterns. We hope that will be sometime in the year 2026. We have over 2 dozen different doll patterns that will be released over the next two years. 

May I teach classes online using your patterns?

We will release our teaching contracts at the same time we release our contracts for selling dolls made using our doll patterns. We hope that date will be sometime in the year 2026. However, please note that our teaching contracts will be only for teaching classes face to face. We reserve the right to teach any and all online classes for our Heartfelt Doll clothing, accessories, or actual dolls themselves. Also, if you do obtain a doll teaching contract, each person in your class must purchase the doll pattern and or doll accessory pattern for the class you are teaching. More details will be listed in the contract. 

Do you make actual dolls to sell?

Not at this time. At some point we be selling our “prototypes.” These are the dolls we make to test things, to see if the clothes we are making are sized correctly. We make prototypes also for photos and for tutorials. These items are not always “perfectly” made but they are still wonderful for children to play with. If you are interested in purchasing these please watch our social media as we will announce there when we hold our sale for these items. 

How long does it take to make a doll?

We are asked that a lot and to be honest it is a hard thing to answer because we all work and sew very differently. I realize that I created these dolls so of course I can make a doll faster than someone else, but for a frame of reference, I can make a doll in about 4 - 5 hours. If you are making a gift for someone and you have a deadline, I would highly recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks and only sewing a couple hours a day. The important thing is to really enjoy the process! Give yourself enough time to create gifts for loved ones where you do not feel rushed. As with any skill, sewing and doll making takes time and practice. You will make mistakes, so plan time into your sewing schedule for things like ripping out seams and resewing mistakes. We all do it, I know I sure have! 

When are new patterns released?

We currently have 24 adult doll patterns (that are 22 inches)  and doll accessories that we will be releasing in the next year. We also have 24 child dolls (that measure 15 inches). Please watch our social media for times and dates that they will be announced! It is going to be an exciting couple of years here at Heart Felt Doll Patterns. 

What size are your dolls?

The “adult” sized dolls measure approximately 22 inches from their head to their toes. There are two dolls that measure 24 inches: The Giraffe and the Llama. The “Child” dolls measure approximately 15 inches from their head to their toes. 

Should I prewash my material prior to sewing my child’s doll and doll clothing?

We do recommend you prewash your child’s doll clothing material due to fabric shrinkage. Especially cotton fabrics will shrink. If you wash and iron your fabrics prior to sewing with them you will avoid this issue later when washing and drying your doll’s clothing. We do not recommend washing the doll itself in the washing machine. You won’t need to prewash the fabric that is for the doll’s legs, face, arms, or chest unless you choose to do that. 

How do I take care of my child’s doll?

If you choose to prewash your dolls' clothing material (Neck ruffles, skirts, and overalls, shorts, pants, shirts etc.) you will deal with the shrinkage before sewing these items and then you may wash your child’s doll clothes with very little concern. One note though, please do not wash your actual doll. It has wool and or acrylic felt and stuffing that will shift and shrink. Dolls may be spot cleaned with a damp warm cloth as needed.

Are these dolls sturdy enough for a child to play with or are they more decorations?

I designed these beautiful dolls to be played with! The limbs are tripled sewn into the doll for durability. I suggest cotton fabrics which are also sturdy. 

What age do you recommend a child before playing with one of your dolls?

Heartfelt Doll Patterns is quite serious in the recommendation for playing with our dolls. Our dolls must be avoided until a child has left the “oral stage” meaning the stage when young children put things in their mouths regularly as part of their development. Our dolls have head ornaments on them that could cause choking if swallowed. This stage is generally over by the time a child is 3 years of age. That age is not a fixed age or time so it is up to the parent or guardian of the child to determine when is a good time to play with a toy that has small parts involved in it. Please use caution and please have adult supervision available if you use our dolls and are nervous about the small parts some of them may have. 

What is the Doll Adoption Certificate about?

My husband Karl and I have adopted some of our 8 children. We love adoption and we want to promote it and to normalize it as much as possible. When we were creating this doll pattern company one thing we wanted to do was to create a cute adoption certificate and encourage children to “adopt” their baby dolls. We feel this is a great way to teach and show children how wonderful it is to adopt someone into their life. Adoption is amazing. It has been magical for our family. We love our children, and we hope that your children will grow up with adoption being a normal concept to them, even if they don’t choose to personally adopt a child one day.