Simple, Simple, Simple.....I promise!!!

Simple, Simple, Simple.....I promise!!!

When I first started on the journey of creating dolls, I was doing it for my oldest grandaughter "L." She was on a kick where she loved all things Unicorn! I bought a pattern and then another one and all of them were supposed to be for beginners. Well, I was a beginner, but the patterns were not making sense to me, so what comes before a beginner, maybe a "premie-beginner?" I was so frustrated that I decided that I would just make up my own pattern. I literally took some full-sized parchment pan liners that we had left over from a bakery we sold, and I drew out a sort of doll. I cut it out of fabric and sewed it up. It was ok, but not quite what I wanted. I wanted something that looked like a human doll, but I loved animals, so I combined the two ideas: Human body, animal head! Made a few of those, but they were too small. I knew I wanted a doll that was quite large. I had the idea that if large, fat crayons were good for small children, then perhaps larger dolls would be a hit with them as well. I was right! I created dolls that are 22-24 inches tall depending upon which doll we're discussing. My baby dolls are 15 inches tall. I gave away many dolls to small children and they seemed to love the larger sizes of my dolls! 

So, I want to talk about what makes these dolls simple to sew. I have watched for some time now other doll makers. I love their dolls, but I have found a consistent complaint on their websites with their customers. Most doll makers create a doll body that you stuff, and then go back and hand sew on the legs and the arms. I have done this very differently. In my doll patterns you will learn how to put on the legs and the arms FIRST....then go back and stuff the limbs. I also have you triple sew the limbs so that they are super sturdy for children to play with. My kids carried their dolls around by the legs most of the time. Another thing I did in the design of my dolls is I made the faces flat. They are still adorable but being flat allows you to make the faces first, then put the doll together. Some doll makers have you make your entire doll and then you have to hand stitch a stuffed doll. I tried doing this and my dolls looked frankly a little creepy! I could never get my eyes to be even, and it was just way too hard. I prefer to work on a flat surface and use an embroidery hoop. I love the faces of my dolls and they are SO fun to make and so easy to stitch! Another thing I have done is I have made super easy clothing for the dolls. These dolls are so sweet and their clothing is cute as heck, but it is simple. Remember that these dolls are really made for beginners, maybe even "premie-beginners." I have step by step tutorials with tons of pictures to help clarify what you are to do each step of the way in the process of making one of my dolls. 

Dolls should be simple to make, sturdy enough to handle children playing with them, and beautiful like the little child who will play with them....and OH, the patterns must be reasonably priced so you will want to buy them, which mine are! 

Doll making can become a fun hobby and with my easy-to-use patterns you will want to make all of them! I designed them and I still want to make them all the time! 

Happy Doll Making! 

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